Some folks think Ohio = Ordinary...

They believe there just can't be anything interesting way out there in the middle of fields and farmlands.

Small towns, after all, have little to offer a traveler who is in search of something to light-their-fire...right?

We beg to


In fact, we think our little corner of the world is pretty amazing.

Here in Darke County, we have a mix of people, places, activities, and ideas that will satisfy the tastes of shoppers, cooks, nature lovers, race fans, oenophiles (that's a wine lover for those who don't know), artists, farmers, history buffs, and even a foodie or two.

How do we satisfy all those tastes in one place? Over the years, we've developed the perfect recipe. We're as flavorful here as grandma's strawberry-rhubarb pie.

We may be small, but we've always been about breaking through. Nothing ordinary about siree.

Don't believe us? Check out these fun facts:

  • It's actually cool if you stick your chewing gum on the wall of one of our restaurants.

  • One of our sons played in the Super Bowl. Three times.

  • Another is a nationally-renowned star chef. Big league.

  • One of our daughters showed the men of the Victorian era that women can kick some target-shooting arse. Annie's still got her gun.

  • We make something here that is coveted for use in home & resaurant kitchens across the globe (hint: it's the #1 bridal registry item in the country).

  • We provide the nation with their favorite breakfast food.

  • Peace was proclaimed here.

In Darke County, we're all about flavor. Come visit us and see for yourself. We're on the west-central side of the state, right along the Indiana border.

Taste the flavors.

Taste the history.

Taste the culture.

Taste the opportunities.

Taste the friendliness.

Darke County Flavor:

421 S. Broadway
Greenville, OH 45331  |  800.504.2995

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