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Darke County experiences a Total Solar Eclipse on April 8!

As we prepare for this historic event, here are some tips and suggestions on how you can be ready for this historic event:

  • HAVE A PLAN FOR COMMUNICATION: Darke County sits directly in the path of the Total Solar Eclipse. In fact, the longest time of totality in Ohio is near Union City with a time of 3 minutes, 58.7 seconds! There is the potential for a large increase of visitors to Darke County for this event. With that in mind, cell phone service could be strained similar to when the Darke County Fair is being held. Keep that in mind when making arrangements to pick up family members from extra-curricular activities, etc.

  • STAY INFORMED: Download the CodeRed Mobile Alert App for free weather, emergency and community alerts. Also, tune to Tiger Country, 97.5-FM, for traffic updates, news and announcements. Make sure your cell phone is fully charged and carry a charging device with you.

  • RUN ERRANDS ON FRIDAY OR EARLIER: Plan ahead! Here are some suggestions to avoid the potential for long lines and traffic:

  1. Have prescriptions filled. Don't wait until the weekend when stores might see an increase in foot traffic and wait times.​

  2. Fill your gas tank. If Darke County does experience an increase of visitors for the weekend, gas stations could experience longer lines. Also, don't risk of running out of gas with a low tank! Traffic has the potential to be congested, especially on the day of the eclipse. Fill your tank as a precaution.

  3. Keep cash handy. Like with cell phones, credit card machines could see lag times or worse. Visit your bank's ATM to have some cash on hand for an emergency.

  4. Travel with water, medications and other needed supplies in case you encounter extended delays on the roads.

  • PREPARE FOR TRAFFIC CONGESTION: The potential for an influx of visitors could cause traffic congestion and/or delays, especially near major state routes. Plan alternate routes as a precaution. Please keep in mind visitors will not be familiar with Darke County roads, traffic patterns, etc. Please be patient with traffic congestion and courteous to others on the road.

  • WHERE TO FIND TOTAL ECLIPSE GLASSES: We anticipate businesses, organizations and groups in Darke County will offer glasses for free or for sale. Some glasses have already been distributed. Follow the Visitor Bureau's Total Solar Eclipse Facebook page, Darke Side of the Moon, for eclipse glasses announcements as they become available. Glasses can also be purchased through reputable companies. Make sure they have the ISO 12312-2 designation. Don't use eclipse glasses that are torn, scratched or punctured.

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