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Mullins named assistant director for DCVB and MSG

GREENVILLE -- Main Street Greenville and the Darke County Visitors Bureau announce the hiring of Laura Mullins as the Assistant Director.

Mullins, of Greenville, will collaborate with the boards of MSG and the DCVB to promote tourism and economic development in Greenville and the surrounding communities of Darke County.

Mullins has a background in art and interior design which she will utilize to bring a creative eye to local projects. She is a past winner of the Greenville Board of Education Award as well as multiple other local art and interior design-related contests.

Mullins will work with both boards and the Executive Director, Greg Billing, to develop and implement strategies that encourage tourists and county residents to explore and experience Darke County’s diverse and delightful attractions, breweries, museums, restaurants and retailers. In partnership with additional community and business organizations, she will also work closely with local governments, business owners and building owners to promote downtown Greenville as one of Ohio’s premier destinations to shop, eat and call home.

Main Street Greenville and the Darke County Visitors Bureau are independent, nonprofit organizations that share a strategic partnership in the form of the Executive Director and Assistant Director, a position that was created in February of 2022. The separate organizations often overlap in their promotion of Darke County and its economic goals.

“Improving life in Greenville and the Darke County area is something I’ve wanted to contribute to for a long time,” Mullins said. “Darke County has a lot to offer, and I hope to help people see the value in putting their roots down."

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