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Pierce joins DCVB board

Danielle Pierce

GREENVILLE – The Darke County Visitors Bureau (DCVB) board of trustees is pleased to announce the addition of Danielle Pierce to the board. DCVB has a mission to share and enrich the stories and destinations that make Darke County unique.

Pierce, originally from Laura, moved to Darke County when they began looking at properties where they could follow their dream. That dream became a reality in June 2020 when they opened Twenty-One Barrels outside of Bradford. Pierce and her husband, Shaun, wanted a place where they could live, follow their dream and also be able to commute to their day jobs and Bradford seemed to be the perfect fit.

Pierce and her husband share in the duties at Twenty-One Barrels and do everything from making and bottling wine to marketing and serving. The both want to provide guests with an enjoyable tasting room experience.

As a member of the DCVB board of trustees, Pierce will be able to get more involved in another passion. “I have a passion for local tourism and creating excellent guest experiences,” she said. “Building strong relationships with our customers have been one of the most rewarding aspects of starting the winery. I am excited to work with other local businesses and community members to help attract visitors to Darke County.”

Pierce and her husband dated for several years before marrying in 2017. They have two dogs and she describes them, one is a high-maintenance Pug named Pickles and the other is an energetic Collie mix named Truffles.

When they are not working or running the winery, they enjoy visiting other wineries, traveling and being in nature.

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