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Park donates Brubaker paintings to DCCA; to be displayed at Garst

Darke County Center for the Arts recognizes Park National Bank for their donation of paintings by local artist Bob Brubaker. “Through this donation Park National Bank continues to provide a variety of opportunities for all members of the community to learn and grow through the arts, “stated Andrea Jordan, DCCA Executive Director. “DCCA appreciates PNB’s commitment to the community through supporting organizations that help make Darke County a great place to live.”

Bob Brubaker, born in 1921 in Union City, was a prominent artist throughout Ohio and the region, where his work was displayed in prestigious galleries and for which he received numerous awards. The artwork in this collection was purchased and proudly displayed on the walls of Park National Bank. Bob Brubaker once described his artistic style as, "naturalism combined with impressionism". The renowned artist died in Greenville in 2011 and his memory lives on through these treasured works.

DCCA and the Anna Bier Gallery are partnering with The Garst Museum to present these works in a Special Exhibition of The Bob Brubaker Collection at The Garst Museum through December.

The DCCA Office in the Greenville Public Library is currently closed but can be reached at (937) 547-0908, or visit for more information.

Darke County Center for the Arts presents and promotes performing and fine arts, encouraging cultural enrichment. DCCA is also committed to the preservation of Henry St. Clair Memorial Hall as an important cultural center in the community.

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